Knife manufacturers usa

Welcome to Rada Cutlery where you will find the best kitchen knives you can buy at the best price. We offer a wide selection of kitchen cutlery that will help you perform any kitchen task. Our product line of kitchen knives includes over 25 options. Each kitchen knife comes with a lifetime guarantee. When we say our products come with a lifetime guarantee we mean that Rada cutlery will replace any of our products you return to us because of defects in materials or workmanship.

Please consider that like all fine cutlery our silver brushed aluminum handle cutlery should be washed by hand then dried. The cutlery with the black stainless steel resin handle can go in the dishwasher or it may be hand washed as well.

The way you treat your cutlery will affect the overall performance. At Rada Cutlery we offer an array of paring knives for all your slicing and dicing needs. The best selling paring knife we sell is the Regular Paring Knife.

Another popular paring kitchen knife loved by our customers is Granny Paring Knife. The curved blade makes peeling fruits like pears and apples a simple task. The Serrated Steak knife always receives raving reviews from our customers.

The knife allows the perfect leverage for slicing all types of meat like beef, pork and chicken. Many people also use this knife to cut other foods like vegetables as well.

This knife, like all of our products, come in the two handle options: black and silver. This is the perfect made in the USA kitchen knife. All rights reserved. The Official Rada Mfg. Web Site. About Us. Sell RADA. Shop RADA.

Kitchen Knives All Knives.

knife manufacturers usa

Most Popular Knives. Paring Knives. Specialty Knives. Chef Knives. Bread Knives. Steak Knives. Rada Cutlery: Quality Kitchen Knives Welcome to Rada Cutlery where you will find the best kitchen knives you can buy at the best price.

What a Lifetime Guarantee Means When we say our products come with a lifetime guarantee we mean that Rada cutlery will replace any of our products you return to us because of defects in materials or workmanship. Online Chat.The compact folding fillet knife packs up securely so there's no excuse not to have it on hand when you reel in the big one. Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability.

With 3 mounting positions and 3 ergonomic grips, this triple threat is ready wherever and however you call it to action. The Center-Drive was born from one genius concept: to operate like the real, full size tools you depend on. No gimmicks, no BS. It's a mobile toolbox that works like the real thing. By subscribing, you agree to the terms and conditions and our privacy policy. Randy Newberg Signature Series Two innovative field dressing knives.

Shop Now. Stop Animation. Slay the Fillet The compact folding fillet knife packs up securely so there's no excuse not to have it on hand when you reel in the big one. Triple Threat Grab the American-Made Principle and rest a little easier, because it over-delivers on versatility and durability. Reality Check The Center-Drive was born from one genius concept: to operate like the real, full size tools you depend on.

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It seems we're having technical difficulties. Please try again later. We are sorry. It seems we have currently technical difficulties.American Made Cutlery We are compiling an ever growing list of U.

Sterling Silverware. Kitchen Utensils. Your American Made Cutlery gift will be used and enjoyed regularly. Your permanently etched logo will serve as a subtle reminder of your generosity. The goodwill and promotional value you receive will far exceed your investment. Current Prices. Dexter Russell. Rada Cutlery. Their custom knives are made one at a time at their shop that overviews the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia.

Each knife is made of the very best U. The handles are milled, hand carved, sanded and polished to each individual knife.

knife manufacturers usa

They have developed a reputation for handcrafting some of the most unique professional chef knives around. In fact some of their designs even carry a U. Sabaknife first year of production was in and it is a spinoff of a American research and development company that specializes in unique metals, materials and metal cellular structures. Warther Cutlery. Flatware Liberty Tabletop. Sterling Silverware Lifetime Sterling. Kitchen Utensils Allegheny Treenware Allegheny Treenware is an American company focused on the production of wooden kitchen utensils.

It has been proudly owned and operated by Stanley and Sue Jennings for over 25 years. All products are made in the USA, with quality West Virginia hardwoods that, if taken care of, will serve your cooking needs for years to come. Best Manufacturers Inc.

Jacob Bromwell.Visit our getting started page now for more details!

Top 16 Best Kitchen Knives Made In the USA 2020

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this program, contact us anytime! Bulldog Brand Image Gallery. Shop For Bulldog Brand Knives. Bulldog Knife Discussion Board. Case's Knife Numbering System. Blade Abbreviations Used by W. The Construction of a Case Knife.

Knife Blades Used by Case. Case Knife Handle Materials. Case Knife Image Gallery. Case Knife Discussion Board. Case Classic Handle Slab Variations. Case Classic Shield Variations. Case Classic Pattern Guide. Case Classic Knife Image Gallery. Shop For Case Classic Knives.

Case Classic Knife Discussion Board. Camillus Knife Shields. Camillus Tang Stamps. Camillus Knife Image Gallery. Shop For Camillus Knives.

Camillus Cutlery Discussion Board. The Canal Street Cutlery Story. Canal Street Cutlery Numbering System. Canal Street Knife Image Gallery. Shop For Canal Street Knives. Canal Street Cutlery Discussion Board. Cattaraugus Knife Numbering System. Cattaraugus Blade Abbreviations. Cattaraugus Handle Materials. Cattaraugus Pattern Number Guide.OTF out the front knives are spring-loaded knives that deploy out the front of the knife handle with the push of a button.

OTF out the front knives, fixed blade knives, folding knives and more. Feeling lucky? You could be our next big OTF knife winner. New knife giveaways every other week. Shop OTF Knives. Shop Folding Knives. Enter To Win. USE IT. You work hard for your money and you deserve the best.

Each knife goes through a seven point inspection before it leaves our shop and makes it into your hands. If "stock" isn't your thing no worries You'll be able to hand select blade styles, handle colors, pocket clip designs and more. Watch your knife change in real time on screen as you make each selection. When your happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. Your custom OTF knife will be hand assembled and shipped within hours. Build Your Knife Now.

We are proud to serve our First Responders. The brave professionals that run towards danger to provide assistance every day. We appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for trusting our knives to help you tackle hard jobs in tough places.In this list we will examine some of the best examples of US-made everyday carry knives that will make you hear the faint cry of a bald eagle as you open your mail.

Benchmade makes a staggering array of blades, but the series designed by the late Warren Osborne has stood out as a favorite of the EDC community for years. The reverse-tanto style blade seems exceedingly strange at first glance, but it puts a bit of meat behind the tip for piercing motions without risking a broken blade. The comes in several flavors these days, but all of them have a 3. The offers the same blade but with a lightweight black G handle with bright green barrel standoffs open construction style for easy cleaning!

If you want the cream of the crop, the has an upgraded CPM-S90V blade which forever holds an edge but somewhat difficult to sharpen along with contoured carbon fiber scales and bright blue aluminum standoffs.

Benchmade fanboys can be found regularly duking it out with fans of the next knife in our list. Just stop it. Where to begin? The ergonomics of the PM2 are perfect for most people in most grips; the shape becomes natural muscle memory after a few uses. How do you like to carry your knife?

The Ultimate Guide To American Made Knives

However you want with a 4-way repositionable clip. The thumb opener is large, offering you a variety of ways to open the knife thumb, middle finger, drop open…. Rather than engaging with the back of the tang, the compression lock engages inside of the tang in a cutout, offering rock-solid vertical lockup, aided by a pressed in stop pin.

The standard PM2 comes with your choice of black or digital camo G10 handles and a satin or black finished blade. Or at least I can!

knife manufacturers usa

Thethough, is the goldilocks of the ZT lineup — so good it makes a real Hinderer a hard sell. Regardless, the CF features a trick dual-finish blade — the flats are stonewashed while the primary grind and swedge grind are brought to a beautiful satin finish. Both models offer superlative flipping action, a rock-solid framelock design, easy-to-clean open construction and generally superlative fit and finish and usability. A deep carry clip mounts tip up left or right handed.

Want to see a fist fight? Gather together a group of Spyderco enthusiasts ohh, I wanna come! Buy both! While the Paramilitary 2 is primarily a Sal Glesser the elder design, the Manix 2 is the brainchild of his son Eric Glesser. And as famous as Spyderco is for their long running series of successful collaboration designs, within two minutes of holding a Manix 2 you can tell that successful knife design runs in the family.

knife manufacturers usa

The Manix 2 is available in a variety of configurations. The original Manix, now out of production, utilized a backlock with a saber-ground blade.Category: Gear.

American manufacturing is coming back, but not in the way we expected. Instead of once again being the gas-breathing mass-producers from days of old, America has become a land of artisans; regardless of how large or small a company is.

The United States is the home of the untamed frontier, the wild west. That mentality still permeates much of American culture, and often the best items that are made in the USA are those that reflect the pioneering spirit.

They know what American buyers want, and how to produce an item that will stand and deliver when being used anywhere from sea to shining sea. The satin finish and slightly softer steel combine to make it able to be re-sharpened at a moments notice with a strop or your favorite whetstone.

Meet the Best Custom Knife Makers in the Industry

A little kick during the opening process locks it in place on the anodized handle without a micrometer of play. Traditional Grit: Buck has been proudly making knives in the United States since Hoyt Buck was a blacksmith from Kansas who started the company with his son Al, and together they created a knife that changed pocket blades forever.

This is not that knife, but a smaller version of the famous that is intended for more miniscule jobs, and easier carrying. Deploy it and the HC blade adds 3-inches of serious steel. The body from back to blade is nice and thick for a broad surface that can hack through rope or shave the fat from your lean roast beef. Back to Basics: Not everyone is aching for a new tactical blade with the finest in military combat accessories.

Their lockback knives are small and simple for doing light jobs around the house or keeping on hand for the unexpected. A multitude of styles let you pick the one right for you, and the ability to switch and swap your favorite blades means each handle can become a custom cutter with ease. Wetlander: The Gator is made to work in any conditions without slipping. Rain or shine, the rubberized grip with its alligator texture is hard to lose with wet, oily, or bloody hands, and the razor-edged CPM-S30V steel blade begs to be used with all three.

Carry it on your neck with the lanyard hole, on your belt with the included case, or tuck it away for when the going gets sloppy, the Gator is a little killer for all seasons.

Light Load: The Griptilian is a brand unto itself. This model has dual thumb studs for ambidextrous opening, AXIS locking, a CM blade that lands right at the sweet spot on the HRC scale, and a glass-filled nylon handle, all with a textured and molded grip. Intended as a long-term work knifeit keeps an edge for ages, even when hacking at twine day after day on the range, or merely opening junk mail.

The crowing glory of this bombproof Spyderco piece is the compression lock that keeps it snapped in, sturdy as a fixed blade with the body of a small, dangerous folder. Worker Bee: The Hinderer is a flagship product among a company full of such items. ZT was founded to provide flipper knives to men and women in uniform who work to rescue others, save lives, and battle the enemies of freedom.

A deep carry pocket clip makes it concealable, but can also increase the draw time.

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